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 political strategist
 professional communicator

senior strategist

As a member of the Blue Spruce Strategies team, I work on policies and with people to create a healthier world. My clients are nonprofits, tribal nations, environmental advocates, foundations, labor unions, and Democrats. I deliver reliable service, a creative approach, thorough research, and hard-won strategic guidance.

I take special pride in serving as a guide for inspired leaders stepping up to serve their communities. I provide full-service general campaign assistance for candidates and ballot measure campaigns, including staff hiring, training, and management; data analysis and voter targeting; message development from polling to policy agendas; and design services. I am also available to consult on independent expenditure campaigns, grassroots campaigns, and other political projects. 

I hold a M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management and a B.S. in Earth System Science, with Honors, both from Stanford University. I currently sit on the boards of multiple civic action nonprofits and 501(c)(4) organizations. 

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