Michael has lived on the West Coast of the US for almost 25 years, surrounded by the boldest innovators on the planet. As a millennial, he brings a unique capacity for pattern-recognition and trend-spotting to the business of project consulting. These are a few of his recent clients. Scroll down for detailed project descriptions.

"Nourished Planet - Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future" - 08/2017


I was contracted by Food Tank and the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) to provide substantial background research and editing services for the 2018 edition of Nourished Planet, a followup textbook published by Edizioni Ambiente to the popular Eating Planet from 2015. The textbook seeks to analyze the intrinsic paradoxes of the current food production, distribution, and sustainability model. 



"Minimum Annual Emissions Reduction Estimates and Projections (CO2e) from WWF Markets Team Actions and Soft Commodities Work"


I was contracted by the Food and Markets team at the World Wildlife Fund US (WWF-US) to guide a peer review process for a report I had produced while previously employed at The Markets Institute. The report had been produced for a grant-review process of The MacArthur Foundation, and estimated the total GHG reductions by 2020 and 2050 of actions along more than a dozen of the WWF-US Markets Team's major work-streams. I guided the report through a peer review process by two independent teams, one comprised of academics at Stanford University and one based out of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The conclusion, according to Jason Clay, WWF's SVP of Food and Markets: I "nailed the calculations."



"Urban Agriculture as a Tool for Ecological Connectivity in Mumbai, India: A GIS Analysis"


In partnership with The WILD Foundation, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and The Natural Capital Project, I produced an intensive GIS analysis with a team of two other Student Consultants. We reported to Daniela Uribe at the WILD Foundation, Brad Eighelberger at the Natural Capital Project, and Shardul Bajikar at Sanjay Gandhi NP.



"Optimal Institutional Structures for Project Financing of the Klamath Cascade Water Provisioning Project."


In partnership with Healthy Watersheds California, a project of the Pacific Forest Trust, I worked as a Student Consultant with three other graduate students to produce models of optimal institutional structures for project financing of a $1 billion USD effort to incorporate forest management into water governance systems. The report was produced for a course titled "Global Project Finance," taught by Michael Bennon, Managing Director of the Stanford Global Projects Center.


"Policy Recommendations for Ecologically Sound and Culturally Responsible Prescribed Burns in Peninsula Open Spaces"


As a Student Consultant working in collaboration with team members from Grassroots Ecology (formerly Acterra) and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band Land Trust, I engaged in an independent research project to produce an improved set of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for preserving and promoting food-relevant native plant species during prescribed burns. 

aAmah mutsun.jpg

"The countryside biogeography and ecosystem service function of scavenger communities in agricultural landscapes"


As an Undergraduate Researcher with the Stanford Center for Conservation Biology and the Organization for Tropical Studies, I spent most of my undergrad involved in a number of research and analysis projects of significant scope. I managed a field ecology team in Central America for a project titled, "The countryside biogeography and ecosystem service function of scavenger communities in agricultural landscapes" in 2014.